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About the EFACCT Study

EFACCT is a national study exploring clinical research professionals’ views of delivering cancer clinical trials and patients’ experiences of participating in them. Providing cancer patients with access to the latest treatment options through clinical research is an important focus for the NHS. To optimise opportunities for patients to participate in trials and access new treatments there is a need to identify efficient processes and practices and to better understand how the NHS can support participants and organisations alike. Hospital research sites have been invited to take part in a collaborative project seeking to work with participants who are closest to cancer research in the UK, in order to evaluate patient follow-up and complexity in relation to cancer clinical trials. The findings of the research aim to provide information to researchers which may inform the design of future studies and provide evidence-based knowledge to support policy makers at local and national levels based on the views of cancer patients and research professionals.

There are three different parts to the research: an online survey called a Delphi study, a questionnaire study and an interview study. Please click on the links below to download the study documents explaining the research in further detail.

EFACCT Study summary protocol

Lay Protocol Summary version 1.0 19.06.17

EFACCT Study Full Protocol

Evaluating patient follow-up and complexity in cancer clinical trials.

Participant Information Sheets for Cancer Clinical Trial Patients

Delphi Study – Patient Participant

Questionnaire Study – Patient Participant

Interview Study – Patient Participant

Participant Information Sheets for Clinical Research Professionals

Delphi Study – Research Professional

Questionnaire Study – Research Professional

Interview Study – Research Professional

Consent Forms

Delphi Participant Consent Form

Interview Participant Consent Form

GDPR Information

The following link provides information on how we use participant information in line with GDPR legislation; https://www.hra.nhs.uk/information-about-patients/